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Repetition in writing - Connectors for ielts writing task 1

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same island. Later, you can endeavour writing without any support materials. You can get them from various sources. Write a letter to the manager of National Expresses lost

property department. My students sometimes ask if they should mention all the numbers. You may also venture to use more sophisticated referencing devices, like this, the former, the latter, which, those, etc. Thank you very much. Such a person will help you to identify your weak spots and improve your writing. Try to see the similarities and differences between the numbers because your task is to compare and contrast. Ielts is jointly managed by The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (ucles The British Council and IDP Education Australia: ielts Australia. Just analyse the data and give the facts in a neutral unbiased way. First, have a look at my collection. Avoid repeating the same words in your writing by using synonyms. Do not spend longer than 20 minutes on this task.

Being able to focus on the important trends presented or show comparisons and differences. Particularly when comparing data, whereas the phone sales gradually decreased in the same period. You leaders can write your first analyses using your vocabulary notes. You will probably need the present simple passive and present simple. But you need to analyse all the 5 groups of data. You can do it in your own time all you need is a computer. Linking points within a sentence Whereas. Samples or Academic ielts file, are you studying for ielts International English Language Testing System one of the more internationally recognised English tests. You should not write all the 25 figures. Using connective words to link sentences and paragraphs logically.

You can read more graphs, charts and tables written by students here in the.Ielts, forum: Sample, ielts, task 1, line Graph: Proportion of Elderly The graph illustrate the comparison between three different countries USA, Sweed, and Japan in elderly.

And my reading and listening is acceptable estimated. I have been studying for the ielts for over a year now. Students are given graphic or pictorial information and have to write ielts a description of this information. Giving opinions may even cause you to get a lower mark. I try to see the reverse trends. On day 1, ielts Bar Chart Oil Production Capacity The graph compares changes in the Oil Production Capacity in millions of barrels per day in six countries. Or, look for ways to compare data.

Write a report to college tutor describing the information shown below.Finally, as soon as you feel progress in your writing training, I would recommend you to find a professiona l English teacher to check your writing.Use cohesive devices Train to use words like Whereas, Whilst, In contrast, Similarly.


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