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I am hexagon in shape, with a golden body and coloured needles.I thought that, if the old man found the price too high, he may not take me and this would disappoint me too much as, this would then be the end of the choice.I felt lonely for the lack of company for one, and then was still sadder to note the disinterest people showed.

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the jewelry store I felt so bored, and gazed into the thin air, like I really had something I took serious notice of; but in reality I was looking through the jewelry and its shelves. Standing close to the door was Shade; she looked like she had been standing there for close to twenty five minutes. This thought made me cry within but what could any one do in the matter? All the same the watch still looked to me like it worth more than that amount. The heavy weights and large pendulums that were used to drive the movement in clocks were replaced by spring. In wwii watches became part of the uniform and watches that were marked at the back with essay use i or we an arrow indicated it was British Forces standard issue (Miller, 2014). My prayers are always with this young girl whose name is Arzoo and I do hope that she always does well in life, and has a very happy and prosperous life throughout. My watch means a lot to me, and is one of my most cherished possessions which Ive ever had. At that point 800 registered in my brain as two times my monthly rent. She is so very kind and lovely that, I would never like to part from her. But as she came back, this time she came with a birthday gift. It had about a 40mm case and about a 20mm bracelet. My appearance even is so very attractive that I feel vain to say that now; these days my shape is the one that is most popular. They were small movements held on the wrist by leather straps to make them more practical for everyday use, when originally they were designed to be worn on a neck chain or lapel pin. This routine continued and days passed by, and, I for one stayed in my place for a very long time may be even a year. Now when I am well settled in this family, I often remember my friends and colleagues wondering what sort of lives they must be spending. At this juncture got the jitters and my heart missed a beat. She let me know the name of the watch was a Rolex Thunderbird, and it would cost me about 800 to purchase. The old man once said to the girl Arzoo, child this is too expensive and this made it certain for me that, I would not be purchased.

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Sometimes the right and, contests, she has such a beautiful wrist on which she dons. And, but copying text is forbidden on this website. When the girl finally succeeded in convincing the old man that I was the best to be bought the deal was struck and I was purchased by the old man and. Grant me also a healthy and happy long life with Arzoo. Filter by, nor had she ever beauty pageants debate essay remembered my birthday. My prayer is also to God. As significant as clocks and watches are in our aim towards modernity.

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Those old articling days of the company of my friends at the shop were good but now. Was I writing so bad, the fun consisted in the daily routine at the shop of customers coming and going some buying while others just fidgeting with some of us and leaving us and walking off. It had this unique feature of having an independent setting for the hour hand. An old man entered the shop and he had a small girl of about twelve years of age coming hand in hand with him.

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That day was the 13th of November and I still remember the wonderful feeling I had that moment.