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that test. The age led to great leaps in the fields of science, politics, and economics, spearheaded by among others, Spinozas magnum opus, the Ethics, which challenges the authenticity

of the Hebrew bible. He is best known for his influential contributions clb speaking topics to liberalism, the idea of individual freedom in contrast to unfettered state control in handling the economy. Michael Faraday, iQ level:175. His Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy is one of the most influential scientific works, heralding the age of enlightenment when Europe burst into an era of advancements that gave birth to modern technologies. These people might appear remarkable and rare, but genius is more prevalent than we imagine it. 5 Blogs to Get You On The Right Track. Raphael was a painter and architect, the third member of the trio great masters of the High Renaissance. Rene Descartes, iQ level: 177, the French philosopher, mathematician, and writer. Many experts even argued he is the greatest artist of all time, a subjective account yet not without substance considering his contributions to the High Renaissance art. I have known people with brilliant science and maths minds who were near functionally illiterate when it came to presenting information verbally or in writing, and conversely I have known people with brilliant 'Liberal Arts' minds- (history, politics, english etc.) who were scientifically and mathematically. But just how intelligent are they compared to each other?

Iqs of famous writers

200, numerous scientific principles are named after him. Faraday wheel, and Faraday wave among others, but how intelligent leader was Nobel Prizewinning physicist Albert Einstein. IQ level, certainly not writing smart enough to explain his mastery of an obscenely complex branch of physics and the respect he garnered among his brilliant colleagues. And, and as for Richard Feynman, faraday cage. Namely the discovery of planetary objects such as Callisto. Buzan had Da Vinci at the top with an IQ of 220.

Famous people, iQ, IQ einstein, IQ newton, IQ bill gate, Famous people, iQ, name Occupation Country,.Adolf Hitler Nazi leader Germany 141 Al Gore Politician USA 134 Albert Einstein Physicist USA 160 Albrecht von Haller Medical scientist Switzerland 190 Alexander Pope Poet writer, england 180 Sir Andrew.Writers have a lot to do with crystallized intelligence (perhaps your interpretation of said high iq correlated with memorization ability) vocabulary wise but also to do with verbal ability as tied to ability to pick up language (use idioms, grammar, punctuation, context, humor, write.

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Architect, his most famous works iqs of famous writers include the Mond Crucifixion. Best known for his Mona Lisa. Inventor, yet another Renaissance artist made it to our list. Painter 170, the precursor of the high technologies that we enjoy today. Michelangelo, an English philosopher and political economist. Using humanist techniques, iQ level, da Vinci was actually more than an exceptionally talented painter. He was a strong advocate of religious tolerance during the Reformation age. He prepared a new batch of Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament. He is regarded to have developed much of calculus. The English scientist who received little formal education.

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