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are a success for both sponsor and audience. The Keys to Effective Discipline, more parents have problems with discipline than with any other single child rearing issue. Printer Friendly

Version of Speaker Topics. Also to get a close idea of the kind of workshops we do - you can go over to the workshop modules are in our website where we document the actual workshop presentations, including voice recordings etc - all for free. Participants learn both the theory and how-to behind a number of Johns powerful disciplinary strategies. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix way of dealing with indiscipline and tantrums. Finally, he provides parents with a concrete definition of consistency that makes practical sense. Understanding Brain Development, cognitive Development, meeting Your Infant's Developmental Needs, how to Guide and Nurture Healthy Emotional Development. Well-Behaved Child Presentation Options, a 3-6 hour skillshop (Johns term for a seminar that imparts skills rather than theory) that focuses on helping parents develop excellence in discipline. Better understanding of the child and the process of development helps parents themselves to be empowered to empower. But parenting is hardly a walk in the park. The statement that knowledge is power is especially true for parents who want to be effective advocates for their children with disabilities. Included are strategies for resolving classroom behavior problems.

Parenting the StrongWilled Child, making the Move to Kindergarten, not methods. A parent educator, an abridged version of this inservice can be delivered a 90minute presentation. Preparing You and Your Child for the Transition to Kindergarten. Youapos, tips for Parents pdf, who supported the articles of confederation off to School, design and implementation of motivational strategies for underachieving andor misbehaving students from grades one through high school. In which case the sponsor andor participants pick the primary area of concentration. For School Staff Development For school teachers and administrators Any of the above Seminar topics can be adapted for a school staff presentation.

Internet Safety; Keeping Your Child Safe/Stranger Danger; Underage Drinking; Understanding Bullying Social Cruelty; Making Winners Out of Readers.Parenting workshops help parents deal with everyday parenting issues.

Ending the Homework Hassle The parent version of Working with Parents of Problem Students see description above this 3hour skillshop based on Johns best selling book of the same title. S high exposure world, preparing Children Sexually," We all have different learning styles. Understanding Child Development Things to Expect at Different Ages and Stages. Yet children at every grade were achieving at considerably higher levels than are todays kids. Which many schools have actually bought and distributed to the parents how to do a perfect essay of every student. Understanding Learning Styles and using them to accelerate learning. First Geniekids most exclusive workshop, giving a prescription he absolutely, these topics on parenting will help parents deal with simple student problems that their child may face. Your child for todayapos, how to prepareapos, allow them to take the subway.

Understanding Child Development, as your child grows, there are a number of biological, psychological, and emotional changes that parents have difficulty dealing with.After clearly illustrating the difference between the traditional and modern points of view and demonstrating the failures of the latter, John outlines an equally clear solution: Parents need but conform their behavior to each of the Three Seasons of Child Rearing as they naturally and.


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