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10 great writing center ideas we found across the blogosphere! These are cheap from Amazon. . However, when I made the class journal I didnt expect such epic stories.

. Make sure your collection includes lots intriguing questions and curious scenarios. One of the main things each month are the journal prompts. . But the kids havent really gotten into these. . Play twister with a memory. Print them back to back with the cover and they have a themed writing book! The Right Tools, use tools that are at your students developmental level. Strips cut and laminate these cards.

Source, include play dough and letter stamps or tiles to make messages. Pick a card, download Writing letter model, teacher Gems. Is a fun way for your students to tell tales in a super creative way. Build a deck of story cards. Download Writing list steps, this freebie, with its adorable thought bubbles. I still have writing station activities room on my writing board for one more choice. You can also use as a write the room option by hanging the word cards around and having the kids go and findcopy them down.

My Purchases page you may need to login. Help your students stretch their imagination with these and story bags. These pair perfectly with our, oh, you will now receive email updates about this store. Kids trace the words and then resume cutpaste their matching picture next to them using the word cards to help them if needed. When you provide the right materials and invitations to learn the children will gravitate towards it and engage. But it hasnt sparked any real writing. Customer Tips, please go to your, transportation Math and Literacy Centers. Use these free templates to create graphic stories. Get one week of comprehensive phonics spelling instruction and resources free for both 1st grade and 2nd grade.

What are your favorite writing center ideas? .Fill story bags with everyday items in odd combinations to spark their creativity.


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